Welcome to our innovative culinary tool that simplifies cooking by generating personalized recipes based on the ingredients available in your pantry or fridge, thus eliminating the need for extensive recipe searches.


  • gain experience in utilizing OpenAI for recipe generation
  • to develop proficiency in Flask and integrating it with HTML for web development
  • to enhance overall skills in styling and designing a webpage using HTML and CSS.
  • Effective project planning, honing preparation techniques for hackathons effectively collaborate to best implement a creative and innovative project idea.

Technology used:

HTML/CSS, Openai, Flask + Python

What we are Proud of:

We were able to effectively collaborate to properly plan, and use designing tools to bring our project to life.

Challenges Faced:

Our major challenges were tied to utilizing GitHub, as well as properly implementing the OpenAI in order to correctly format the recipes.

Future Improvements:

  • Generating multiple recipes from a given list of ingredients
  • Optimizing the website for better performance and user experience
  • Improving the current integration between the frontend and backend of the application

**Video can be seen using Google Drive Link (viewable by anyone): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XVg5z8VrA0vjfTaEiD8HxkSXuf70mimV/view?usp=sharing

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