The inspiration for this project was trying to find a way to motivate people to get more healthy. What is more motivating than money ? So, we decided to incorporate a new image of banking, health, innovation with API, and our beginner level knowledge of java into building this unique program.

What it does

The idea is to track the number of steps each banking customer does a day using a pedometer application. Based on the number of steps each person does determines how much money gets put into their account each month. A customer must walk a maximum of 10,000 to start earning rewards money. For example, if a customer walks 10,004 steps in one day then they receive $1 for every 1,000 steps completed which will be automatically added into their bank account as a reward.

How I built it

I built this program in NetBeans using java. I implemented a graphical user interface to give the application a more realistic feel. Then I used Capital One's API for test data. Next I calculated the amount of rewards a customer will receive for the amount of steps they competed. At the end I displayed all the data. I made the colors of the GUI yellow and blue to represent my colleges colors. Aggie Pride.

Test data to use: "_id" : "5c688c24322fa06b67794738", "type": "Checking", "nickname": "Penelope's Account",

"_id": "5c688c24322fa06b67794739",
"type": "Savings",
"nickname": "Britney's Account",

"_id": "5c688c24322fa06b6779473a",
"type": "Credit Card",
"nickname": "Cathryn's Account",

Challenges I ran into

My first major challenge was setting up the API. My second challenge was getting the calculations right for the rewards program. Both challenges were conquered with help from the rest of the team. Another challenge is that the program still outputs weird responses due to the way we set up the loop.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of attending my first hackathon. I am proud of learning how to use API as a beginner hacker. This project is the most complex code that I have built, so far. Now I am ready to attend more hackathon's, code more major projects, and learn new things. Also, I am proud that I met new friends.

What I learned

I learned how to implement API into NetBeans, Java. I learned how to work with a team to complete a program.

What's next for Healthy Banking

In the future, we want to add Bluetooth capability to the program to allow it to connect to your Fitbit or phone which will automatically update the steps instead of having to input them in manually. Also, we plan to make Healthy Banking a mobile application.

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