I am motivated by how our individual self impacts the rest of the world. We live solo, while also forming a connected puzzle. Summary: We stand alone with assistance.

What it does

My website provides resources toward helping people maintain a healthy and whole life by taking control of mental health.

How I built it

Working solo, I decided to host it via GitHub pages as it would save time, yet present a beautiful product expressing the purpose of my website.

Challenges we ran into

Personal family circumstances that I did not want to merge into impacting others, if I had worked with a team. Also, my GitHub and terminal needed a lot of troubleshooting before finally getting things going.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As an insomnia sufferer, I almost gave up and decided not to participate. I needed rest due to being drained. I decided to rest and then pour myself into completing the project. I am proud of not giving up, taking the time I needed for myself to recharge, and achieve my goal.

What we learned

I learned about file structure, outlining in order to present a message or product that speaks for itself, my love for technology and creativity increased, and I'm grateful for the experience. Overall, I learned growth personally and professionally (project).

What's next for Healthy and Whole Mental Health Services

Honestly, as a believer in proper mental health, I will always promote health and wholeness, even if my website doesn't take off. As this is a concept, I'm not sure what life will be breathed into it.

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