We wanted to build an app like this for a long time, but we always felt that it is hard to make the interaction feel right. When we heard about this hackathon we were curios and soon it was obvious that with this API we can finally build the interaction we wanted.

What it does

It helps people to keep track of their health on a daily basis through an easy-to-use diary to text

How we built it

With 0 and 1

Challenges we ran into

  • Learn the API and everything about words in AI language (lemmas and other parts).
  • A few small bugs in the API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Nice App / UI
  • Good understanding of user inputs in free form text. That's nowadays very hard with current voice devices for example. We worked with the leading voice devices and here together with chrome text recognition it's very "easy" to extract meaning from sentences like we do for Healthy.

What we learned

  • Integrate the API

What's next for Healthy

  • Improve the chat bot functionality.
  • Stats, raphs, learnings
  • Notifications
  • AI: since we have the data separated, we can connect it to an AI and give the user even more benefit from collecting his data
  • Expand to other platforms (mobile, voice)
  • Expand to other topics
  • Build a robust chat bot platform around the text recognition. We can see this could easily make chat bots feel more natural. Especially for data query like in our example, but we are certain it can be extended to other areas just as well.
  • Maybe work with to implement certain aspects in their API / open source our node.js implementation for their API
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