My mom always having trouble with the nasty registration process and recondite terminologies, and every time she left the hospital with dozens of reports. What if... we can build an app and helps them manage these health data...

What it does

We aim to make this app intuitive for patients, easy for clinicians, and efficient for health systems, so, here's the ** highlights: **

  1. Full registration process in one app with body illustration The home page for our app is a body anatomy illustration. People can click the body and our app will pop up the corresponding department and registration form.

  2. Personalized paper-free detailed instructions for medical examination and medicine Our app will protect patient data by setting the Name and Examination Type to private fields, so only patients and their main doctor can have access to it whereas others will not have the permission to access private data.

  3. Record abnormal data only!! No need for clinicians to enter data AND no need for hospitals to record these data. We use a boolean variable to record the result of medical tests. If the result is negative, the record will be "0"; otherwise, it will be "1" and the related documents will be saved for later reviews.

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