Virus becomes an increasingly critical global challenge, recently our best antibiotics have been surpassed by natural evolution of deadly diseases.

In order to react properly in epidemics, medical authorities need up to date information.

Additionally doctors and health officials need to be able to submit information for the global community without out fear of censorship.

The ethereum network is geographically decentralized robust form of data storage that may serve as a better means for storing medical events. In the event that centralized systems fail to serve their purpose due to induced chaos, medical officials may still be able to perform essential communication using the global Ethereum network.

The system is relevant as the public and health officials need a reliable source of information on the coronavirus outbreak.

What it does

The HealthWarn smart contract registry, is a host for storing events, messages and requests. Each registry has a locale and focus e.g. 'Vietnam':'swine flu', 'Vietnam':'smallpox','United States':'polio'. Doctors and health officials are then granted privileges to interact with to the registry.

There are different groups for each privilege.

The 'NewCase' event stores the cooordinates and time of the new case with additional data.

Additionally public health guidelines and may be set on the registry for a certain locale using a level system. Authorised officials may increase or decrease the severity_level which causes an implicit command to the populace.

Another message enables doctors/health officials to 'Request Support', this stores in the registry and coordinates/place an required asset and its amount. E.g. 10000L of blood.

The HealthWarn client has a browser and a control panel. In the browser 'NewCase' events are displayed on a map for the user.

In the control panel user may submit events to a registry only if they have the privilege level. In the control panel the superuser (owner) of a registry may set privileges for other users (addresses).

How I built it

I started building a registry contract in Solidity

Challenges I ran into

We ran into problems reading the event storage, which was initially used over the state storage

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of initiating and leading the project integrating my smart contracts with the Google Maps API

What I learned

I learned how to build a React application and how to call and send transactions from one to Ethereum with DApp Hero.

What's next for HealthWarn

HealthWarn will continue to be developed to increase ergonomics for its intended users. I am looking to integrate with other data sources

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