Inspiration 💡

I always waned to help the people and community, and I saw that Mental Illness really a big deal, but now much people know about it and talks with other related to it. Something's people don't even know that they are mentally depressed. So to conquer this issue I made this project "", to aware people about mental health. Health indicates mental illness/disorders, and means to recover from mental illness with the community.

What it does ❓

Due to increased workload and stress, everyone from students to employees now suffers from one or more mental health issues. So, the primary goal of this website is to raise awareness about mental health issues and to assist people in overcoming them. It also helps the person to meet the specific desired consultant for the specific mental disorder.

How we built it 🔧🔨

I have used HTML, CSS, JavaScript to make the frontend for this website. I have used bootstrap framework for designing the website. Furthermore, I have used jQuery and PHP for collecting the data user enter.

Challenges we ran into 🏃‍♂️

Because my major goal is to deliver accurate information regarding mental health, it was a significant difficulty to locate accurate information so that people would not become discouraged, but we succeeded. Because my main feature is a mental health test, it was a big struggle to come up with questions to determine whether or not the person is depressed. But in the end, I come up with a list of ten questions to see if the person's mental health is in good shape or if they are depressed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

Well, I am proud of myself that I am able to complete this project within the 24hr time limit. I really hard work on the UI for this project, which is turned out to be great. It was my first time using bootstrap and PHP. But I learned the concepts and application and was able to make this possible. And in future I will improve more and learn more technologies to make projects like this to help the people.

What we learned 🧠

I learn how to make website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I also learned how to use bootstrap framework for the frontend part. Furthermore, I also learned how to use jQuery to store the data. And I also learn how to host your website on internet.

What's next for ⏭

I had a lot of plans for this project, but due to time limit I was unable to add more features. In the future I want to add features like online counselling where the doctor and patient can interact with each other, I would also like to add online memories reminders etc. I will make it open source to gain feedback from developers and improve my website.

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