Limited technological prowess in older generations, isolation due to the pandemic, and a lack of an accessible video calling service for older groups.

What it does

HealthStream is a video calling website built specifically for use in hospitals and nursing homes for the purpose of easily connecting elderly patients with their loved ones through technology. EyeCamC is a new device that tackles the potential problem of limited technology in caring centers, needing only a display to provide full access to our website.

How we built it

HealthStream was made using HTML Proof of concept video uses linkello. EyeCamC design: Camera $8.79:

Microphone $5:

RaspberryPi $45.50:

Plastic enclosure, 6 in^3, $0.65 /in^3 so $4 per enclosure, in addition to a $1 cost for renting 3D printers. $5.00

Power Supply $8.00:

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for HealthStream

If the project moves further, we would first start with a trial run at a local hospital or nursing home for 3-6 months as well as limited production of our EyeCamC devices.

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