We're passionate about using tech for social good, and this perfectly aligned with Plan International's work and mission of helping women in a third world country like Bangladesh. Also, we were really inspired by Wealthsimple's simple yet beautiful design model.

What it does

Charity and non profit organisations are often understaffed and this can result in health workers being overworked. This app aims to make their lives a little easier by providing an all in one concept of smooth and paper free data collection and feeding it back to the patient in terms they can understand. Reminders, alerts, and other notifications to follow up after initial consultations are done by our phone and SMS service, thanks to Twilio's API. We understand that not many women are keen to divulge private information about themselves, so we've used the concept of mapping a unique ID to every household, thus maintaining anonymity if needed.

How we built it

A lot of UX brainstorming, workshops, bugging sponsors and mentors for opinions and feedback regarding super vague idea, walking around the block, more brainstorming, kinda giving up, getting riled up on caffeine, and finally getting down to business with Android Studio, Firebase, and a bunch of other things we've never used before.

Challenges I ran into

One of our teammates had a sudden health issue and had to leave to a hospital. Also, this was our first time with the Twilio API and we ran into a few sync issues, which were resolved after a lot of digging into the docs. And finally, the name of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're a group of 5 strangers who're not so strange anymore. Despite being tired and stressed out, we had a lot of fun, that also ended up being other people's snap stories. Also, we think our app looks super cute.

What I learned

We're living a privileged life compared to many people out there and there's so much we need to work on as a community together. Getting out of your comfort zone to explore new things can lead to interesting outcomes. People are nice.

What's next for HealthSimple

Mapping the unique ID to households in real time on Google Maps. Setting up a FAQ on so people can access basic emergency information for free. Setting up a virtual call centre system to connect patients to their closest health worker or centre.

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