The inspiration for HealthPro came from a common experience we all had in the team, getting sick - not from any disease but from malaria (a disease caused by the bite of a mosquito). Malaria is a prominent disease and following the WHO report on malaria, most malaria cases and deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. We wanted to experiment with VR and how through this platform we could create educative VR experiences for persons to learn about the diseases, the causes, the different stages of development and equally ways to prevent the disease and how to respond when infected. We thought it will be great if we could extend to other diseases affecting sub-Saharan Africa the most and adding it to the platform. The development was mostly focused on malaria, and for the updates, after being selected for the global challenge we added other diseases HIV/AIDS, Breast cancer, and Hepatitis.

What it does

The platform is based on React 360 and has 3 main functionalities, the first is quizzes where users test their knowledge of a particular disease at the same time learning when they get wrong answers. The second functionality of the app is to explore 3D models which are essentially models of the pathogens .and life cycle of the diseases. The last functionality is videos which are focused on giving more explanation on the diseases, the causes, prevention and treatments.

How we built it

We used Facebook's Opensource VR framework React 360 to build the platform. We succeeded to have some models online and we curated quizzes from sites and videos from youtube which permitted us to do so.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time building with React 360, and we faced a lot of challenges regarding the documentation and the scarcity of answers to challenges we faced relating bugs and things that were not working. We believe React 360 is a great platform and will be great to have a community around. Our choice of react 360 was also to experiment with VR technology since it is not a popular thing in our development circles.

We met at a hackathon around the Community challenge in our local developer circles community and started the project. After the hackathon, we continued working remotely, but it was difficult as other things took priority for some team members. Nevertheless, we came through and laid the foundation and here we have even updated our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we are proud of is that everyone was able to put in their contribution, we had a mixed team of intermediate and beginners and some persons doing studies in medical-related fields, no matter how small the contributions were they all added value to the project.

What we learned

We all learned a new framework and how to build an application for VR.

What's next for HealthPro

What is next for HealthPro is working on its functionalities, work on the quizzes, videos and 3Dmodels such that the platform actually provides value to users that will visit. Create an experience for persons of all knowledge levels, both in and out of the health sector.

Built With

  • react-360
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