As we know great ideas and companies have started at home. So, similarly I cantrace back thee inspiration to my old grandparents who usually forgot to take their medicines. Also it is too sad for me to say, but my grandfather recently died as he hadn't taken his bloodpressure meds properly and also no one could keep a check on his punctuality. Also when the med team found him, he could have survived if they gogt the information about him like med history, blood group and others on time which they unfortunately didn't get!

What it does

HealthPlus helps you keep a track of meds! This is a must-have pills tracker and reminder app for your health. It helps you take care of our loved ones at risk by reminding them from time-to-time and not overdosing in forgetfulness. HealthPlus works well for medication management, tracking vitamins, supplements, birth control, conditions, medication, and later plans also include tracking the symptoms, nutrition, activity, daily vitals, therapies, pregnancy, baby symptoms, notes, etc.

Reasons why this is the next startup

CREATE A CARE PLAN -- Used as a treatment & pill organizer

Don’t create just a dull medication list which you would forget about days later!. Add Drugs, Meds, Vitamins, Minerals, Natural Remedies, Therapies, Fitness & Nutrition as part of your care plan Set dose form, dose color & set medicine reminders quickly!!!


The most unique feature!!! Save CareContact information for future reference. Add CareContact pill alerts for missed dosages, have someone help you stay on track of your goals because together we can overcome anything!!! Allow CareContacts to view the care plan. -Giving a point of contact with emergency teams. Save & Share Health Appointments future------------Chatbot based GCS SOS button and voice-based actions.


Easily accessible emergency button to call respective authorities right from the app! Also sending an SMS to CareContact about location coordinates and basic details filled up in EMERGENCY FORM.

How I built it

The UI is built using flutter, Google Location Services API from GCP for coordinates, Python-Django based backend API for making requests. The database is on MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Many APIs don't have documentation for flutter

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI components.

What I learned

Working with flutter

What's next for HealthPlus

Releasing it on app stores after scaling up!

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