Nowadays people are addicted to cellphone a lot. For example, people check their phones so often during the day and use cellphone before they go to bed. Neither of these habits is healthy.

HeaelthPhone is here to help!

What it does

Android Healthphone is an application that aims to help users stay healthy when using their phone, consisting of four systems for different scenarios,

  1. A focus timer that can be used to setup a focus challenge, which test if user can keep not unlocking his/her phone for a certain period set by users.
  2. A system using gyroscope and light sensor data to check if user is using his/her phone during normal sleeping hours
  3. A motion detection system using accelerometer data to tracking user's exercise amount.
  4. A counter that records how often the phone is been checked by user.
  5. A score system based on the above four systems. To earn points, accomplish target concentration challenge and perform shaking exercises. Use cellphone in unhealthy positions, check phone too often and fail concentration challenge will lose points.

How we built it

Yangyang and I spent 24 hours on Android Studio, Google and StackOverflow.

Challenges we ran into

The device we first worked on does not support widget. So we had to run to Bestbuy and brought a new device.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The motion sensing and score keeping algorithm is really fun to use.

What we learned

Android app development, team work skills and fun!

What's next for HealthPhone

Create a better GUI and notification system. Add social media post ability to share score and compete with friends.

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