Health Passport

What it does

The hack is focused on objective - Data Aggregation and Linkage: Use of blockchain technology to securely aggregate, link and share patient data to the destination of their choice. The health passport is a patient centric portal that allows an individual to aggregate there personal health. Using Uport and Etherium we are able to scan in a QR code that will allow an individual to share there secure health information with a provider and other integrations. The provider with the use of FIHR can integrate back into the Health Passport which we are storing in IPFS. The portal also allows the users see a timeline of health events that are captured on the health passport.

How we built it

First of all we want to give credit to etherium, Uport, angular and IPFS creation without which this demo would not have been possible.
We started with the getting into mocking the User Experience and getting the blockchain up. Once we got the blockchain up we installed the contract, which admittedly took a while. Once the blockchain with contract was up we had what we needed for Uport to work the demo was largely just about making the experience unified with the objectives and pitch. Once we got the base MVP up it was really trying to get the integrations that we felt would meet the objective of the hack.

Challenges we ran into

TestNet was down.
IPFS issues with storing the FIHR records. Uport wallet integrations and getting the permission up and running and really trying to get this running without much documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a working minimal viable product that we feel conveys the objective of the hack and that could be extended and furthered to meet our aspirations of health inclusion or access to the passport.

What we learned

As much as we love the Ecosystem of Blockchain, some work still needs to be done. We are not there yet unfortunately.

What's next for HealthPassport

After winning the DC blockchain summit we see that the Health Passport has natural extensions for further aggregation for markets based on anonymized data, Insurance Benefit extensions for which we felt that pokitdok would assist with there rich API and working with Providers to streamline the integrations into there traditional systems.

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