We are completely baffled that there is no unified medical record system in Canada! You could be checked into a hospital, with a life threatening injury, and the hospital may have no idea what you're allergic to!

What it does

After storing all of your personal medical records within a database, we can pull each individual's information with a simple tap. Using NFC, we are able to pull allergies, conditions, and blood types and more from a user's records.

How we built it

We started with building our cloud storage, using ownCloud's source as the base, and powered by Microsoft Azure. From there we developed an Android Application that puts an emphasis on user's profiles, and setting it up to work with NFC so anyone with a NFC enabled Android phone could view the user's selected public data without even needing to download an app. Next, create an attractive, responsive web-app to easily manage all of this info. We then decided to add SMS allergy updates to nearby users by taking advantage of Twillio's API. This means a user can submit an anonymous broadcast to other nearby users that they have a serious allergy and to be considerate. We then started creating a service where users can submit all of their health records at once upon entering an emergency room wait area to reduce the time spent filling out paperwork and explaining past medical history. On top of that, you can sync your Google Fit, and Mint data to our Machine Learning web-app that search's for patterns in a users spending, the temperatures when they were active, and then correlates it all with the users overall fitness habits. From this we can predict multiple outcomes of how spending can have influence on their health and fitness.

Challenges we ran into

We had a great deal of problems with our CName records for our domain, thus forcing us to just use our IP addresses. Another minor issue is that users had to request a link to their email to register, and our host was blocking us from using the SMTP ports to send those emails. Set us back for a few minutes but was an easy fix!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pulling so many different platforms, services, and networks together into a concept app that really does emphasize how far back the med-tech industry is in terms of database management and transparency.

What we learned

We learned a lot of Java and PHP, what structures NFC tags use, and the ways to write them!

What's next for HealthPass

Adding in additional functionalities, more user options and personalization, whilst maintaining a professional level of security and design!

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