Healthnet is a medical chat bot useful for patient triaging and preliminary diagnosis of various medical conditions. It is built on an medical terminology Tigergraph database with several analysis queries. This can also be used to build a huge knowledge graph with lab results etc to help doctors arrive at better diagnosis. It can be used for the following

  • Better triaging patients based on symptoms and lab results
  • Diagnosing related diseases and disorders
  • Referring to specialist doctors based on diagnosis
  • Presenting precautions
  • Can be integrated into websites, apps, medical systems etc

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The goal is to build a bot that can help with patient triage and preliminary medical diagnosis. It can be used as a intelligent symptom checker or a conversational tool to understand the patients needs better.

Data used

We have used aggregated medical sources about various

  • Diseases and conditions with ICD10 codes
  • Symptoms associated with each condition
  • Severity of conditions
  • Specialist doctors to be referred for each disease/ condition
  • Detailed description of diseases, symptoms and diagnosis
  • Triage severity

We have combined all these data to form a medical triage graph database. We have also written several queries to fetch symptoms related to disease , diseases associated with a particular symptom, what specialist to refer to, ideal next course of triage action etc

Tech Stack

  • TigerGraph cloud database - we have built a complete medical knowledge graph with various graph analysis queries
  • RASA chat bot - chat bot which is trained on the graph database model . Has several intents and actions related to medical triage workflow.
  • The Chatbot is hosted on a simple python HTTP server

How we built it

  • Medical data from various sources were aggregated from various sources. GraphDatabase was created and populated using pyTigerGraph

  • All the CSV data files were loaded using various load jobs and then analysis queries were writtern The results of these analysis queries are then accessed real time by the Chatbot using a REST API

Who is this for

This patient triaging chat bot will be a great resource for

  • all healthcare professional for making better informed decisions about their patients
  • patients who want to understand better about their symptoms and first line precautions , severity and specialist doctors to meet etc
  • Hospitals who are looking for smarter/better ways to triage incoming patients
  • Online medical portals who want to better understand their patients
  • This also helps anybody stay upto date with precautions for various health disorders

It helps make sense of the ever growing medical information available online and converts them into valuable , easily accessible knowledge graph

What's next for Healthnet

  • Add data from medical tests and lab results to give personalized diagnosis to patients
  • Add additional intents and entities to the chatbot to make conversation engaging and informative


Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 5 58 34 AM

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 5 59 28 AM

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 6 00 20 AM

Datasets used with medical ICD10 codes

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 06 32 35 AM

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 06 32 46 AM

Demo chat transcript

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 11 34 31 AM


Analyse patient information like lab reports, demographics, medical records etc to help with personalized care and diagnosis

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