Effective doctor/patient communication is fundamental to the delivery of health care. Patient satisfaction and doctor satisfaction are all directly linked to the quality and frequency of communications. Follow up is the best medicine, so the doctor and patient can communicate asynchronously before the next round up.It will hugely impact the quality of care.

What it does

Once a patient has been invited by physician or hospital, he/she will get an email check-in. After registering, patient will be able to use a smartphone to connect using an iOS app. HealthMate will serve as a channel between the patient and doctor to improve the quality of care through effective communication. Patient can remotely apprise the doctor before the next follow up. This can prevent undesired outcomes before the next follow up.

Studies have shown ( that patients who have good communications with their care team are more likely to share important information about their condition in a timely manner.

How we built it

Started with the building a back end after integrating mongoDB and Python. Deployed the application to Heroku. After testing the app , integrated it with iOS App which was also built along with back end. Extensive research done on which healthcare APIs to leverage for project. Data was mostly secured due to HIPAA compliance. After rigorous search and ruling out applications which were not aligned with goals. Infermedica python library ,which can enable the application to know about conditions, symptoms and risk factors.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of python , iOS , mongoDB and deploying the app on Heroku. It was difficult initially to set a communication standard so that various modules like iOS and Python can interact through Get/Post request.But after regular stand up meeting we brainstormed and agreed upon various protocols for communication between front end mobile app (iOS) and backend(python, mongoDB).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamless integration of iOS, Python and MongoDB.

What we learned

Integration of Flask framework on Heroku for creating web services. Connecting to MongoDB hosted as a service from Heroku application.

What's next for HealthMate App

Future enhancements will have scheduling appointments with Doctors. Right now have used patent matching, in future we plan to implement inference engine. Conversational intelligence with IBM Watson

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