Our inspiration for this app were the many situations in which doctors are not able to respond in time and patients can not easily connect to the doctors they need. We were inspired to build this to solve this problem. With HealthMate doctors can easily communicate with each other and their patients. HealthMate would allow for people like our grandparents and parents to converse with them about any problems they may have.

What it does

HealthMate allows doctors to have one-on-one conversations with their peers and look back on the conversations like voice memos. Doctors can easily take notes within the video call and send messages and files to their colleagues. Doctors can also discuss topics remotely with their patients. A patient in need of of a specific kind of doctor can quickly find a registered doctor who finds in their profile. If you're not sure what that bump on your foot is, chances are, that a registered doctor on our site knows what's up.

How we built it

We built this app using NodeJS and Express.js to manage our routes and pages. We used MongoDb to store patient files and the profiles of registered doctors. In addition, TokBox API was used to integrate video and messaging features into our app, allowing for the peer to peer discussion and patient to doctor discussion. We used the Bootstrap front-end framework to allow for industry standard UI within our website. Lastly, we used search algorithms to quickly find the registered doctors within our databases.

Challenges we ran into

When building Healthmate, we ran into a number of challenges including getting Phonegap to work, as we had to cater our existing code to work with the setup requirements of Phonegap. We all are also relatively new to NodeJS, so setting up Node and Tokblox was a significant challenge that we had to overcome by using resources such as Stack Overflow. Originally, we actually planned to use a more complicated version, also based on Cordova called "Ionic". However, this was a framework and did not give us the full control over the UI elements of our application, so we decided on using PhoneGap, a lighter framework with simpler styling options.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to persist the number of problems that we faced, which was significant due as we were new to many of the environments and tools that we were using. We are also of making a web app with multiple pages that users can interact with.

What we learned

We learned how to create a full fledged web app with authentication and making use of several APIs that has the potential to do great things for our community. This included making a front end, user friendly interface as well as using Node and Firebase to deploy our project.

What's next for Healthmate

We plan to complete the backend of our web app as well as extend on to Android and iOS. We plan to reach out to medical centers in order to connect customers and doctors to make use of Healthmate.

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