What if we told you that there was something you could do to save up to 125,000 lives annually while lowering the cost of healthcare by up to 300 billion dollars? What if we told you that one thing was simply listening to your doctor?

In today’s world, healthcare noncompliance is a huge problem. Of every 100 prescriptions filled 25-30 are actually taken properly and even less are refilled. This behavior is actually causing detrimental health outcomes and substantial economic waste.

So the problem is clear, but how do we go about solving it?

What it does

Considering that more than ⅔ of Americans own a smartphone, in this HopHacks we developed HealthMate, a user-friendly app that harnesses the immediacy of smartphones and combines it with the psychological motivation factor of doctor presence and the utility of data collection for doctors to monitor patient treatment plans and reduce patient non-compliance.

How we built it

Utilizing Android-studio, we coded two user-friendly interfaces for android phones. The first is for patient use which contains tools to remind the patient of treatment tasks such as taking medications, attending or setting up therapy appointments, and more. It also includes details about the treatment and the importance of following it. But most importantly, it tracks whether or not a patient complied with the treatment action. By using Firebase as our backend, we were able to make these statistics are not only viewable to the patient user, but also data compatible with the doctor interface. This allows doctors to open the summary data on any of their patients at anytime and make subsequent necessary suggestions or interventions.

By harnessing the utility of data with increased doctor presence, HealthMate has the potential to substantially reduce healthcare costs and improve patient treatment outcomes.

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