Healthcare is one of the basic human needs, but there is an acute shortage of physicians in our country. We don't have enough primary care physicians or specialists. According to studies, there are only 3 physicians for every 10,000 people in Bangladesh.

Last year when Fahim's dad was diagnosed with heart failure without any prior symptoms, we all realized the importance of having regular checkups. But it's pretty difficult to get in touch with a physician because there are so many people and so less physicians. So what if we could get our checkups remotely?

Being motivated by personal experience, we built an array of tools to log patient's health data and send that to a cloud server, so that a nurse or a physician can take a look at it. A patient might go to physicians only once every three months or six months but with this solution, physicians are getting to find out how their patients are doing on a regular basis.So there's a much better chance that the problem will be diagnosed early.

What it does

To cope with the acute shortage of physicans, we believe in building remote technology to allow patients in their home to get the care that they need without having to come to a doctor. This tech is a combination of smart phone app, smartwatch app and IOT system of existing measuring tools like Wireless Scale, Glucose Meters, Oximeters etc.

HealthLog as a middleware

How I built it

To build this technology, we first asked the question, which consumer device is available to most of the people and used on a day to day basis. And the only answer was Smartphone. So we started with a smartphone app, through which the patient is able to get reminded about certain things like get on the scale and get weighed. Then the app sends the recorded data back to the cloud. It can also notify a friend or family member that the patient missed to update his/her vitals.

Then we created a smartwatch app to complement the mobile app and record patient's vitals automatically. We plan to build an IoT solution that will work with existing consumer devices like Wireless Scale, Glucose Meters,Oximeters etc. For example you use a Blood Pressure Monitor and your blood pressure will be automatically synced with the cloud.

What's next for healthlog

  • Open android app in public beta
  • Add Iphone app
  • Build the IOT solution from scratch via RnD
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