We're designing anonymous, verified, provably valid prescriptions powered by an Exonum blockchain. Take a look at our Github!

What we do

HealthLink solves the hard problem of "how does The Rock get Viagra without the pharmacy knowing who he is." More precisely, it implements a three-party smart contract on a custom blockchain in Exonum which is far better than current standard practices. By making transactions public and keeping individuals private, HealthLink solves the following problems:

The government wants to identify doctors who are prescribing more opioids than they should be

Walgreens wants to verify that their employees aren't stealing from the till

Jason wants to be able to switch his prescription from Publix to a chemist in London

Getting medicine anonymously is a known problem of interest

How it works

HealthLink has two main components, a web interface and an Exonum backend. The web interface allows doctors, patients, and pharmacies to assign, request, and fill prescriptions, while the backend stores all relevant transactions in four ListArrays. See the full backend design document here!

Most notably, once a prescription is assigned, it can only be filled by a single pharmacy, even if the patient sends fill requests to multiple pharmacies simultaneously. This property relies on Exonum's time-ordered smart contract execution; a similar implementation on Ethereum would have subtle race condition problems.

Anonymized Middleman Protocol

HealthLink is the first example of a smart contract which allows a party to assign a right to find a counterparty to multiple middlemen, while ensuring that only a single sale will be enacted. While we only had the time to develop a single use case, this category of contract, which we will henceforth refer to as the Anonymized Middleman Protocol (AMP) has far more applications. For example:

Angela wants to sell her house and has an asking price in mind. She creates an AMP and allows multiple real estate agents to compete for her business, first come first sold.

Bob wants to arbitrage across multiple crypto exchanges, but ensure that he'll only sell on one. AMP to the rescue!

Carol wants to sell her Burning Man tickets. He sends them to a third party who confirms that the tickets are valid and initializes a verified AMP contract with Carol as the seller. Carol can now offer her tickets through Stubhub, Ticketfly, Craigslist, and her friend Jessica whose friend of a friend is for sure going this year without having to leave her tickets with one of them.

Built With

  • exonum
  • rust
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