Healthcare workers often live in a constant state of fear of catching and spreading the virus to others around them. Many are even under a lot of psychological stress due to things like fear of infection and lack of social support and felt that they lacked pandemic preparedness. Delays in testing meant many workers are left unsure of whether or not they are infected or not, leading to unknowingly spreading the virus and causing staff shortages.

For these reasons, we decided to create a mobile application called Healthline that will provide a hub of resources for front line health care workers in an effort to alleviate the tremendous amounts of demands and stress put upon them.

What it does

Healthline provides a plethora of useful resources for health care workers such as discussion forums for workers to connect with one another, real time live updates on COVID-19 cases around their area and on an international scale, and mental health resources.

How we built it

We created a prototype of the mobile application using Figma which showcases the broad range of features we had in mind for the application. We used React Native to build the actual framework for the iOS app and used Git/Github as our version control system. Moreover, we used Google Cloud Function to create API (node.js) that is able to return rendered data about the latest COVID-19 statistics via Cloud BigQuery dataset. Firebase was used to sign users up and log them in to access the main features of the app.

Challenges we ran into

It was an adjustment completing a hackathon in a virtual environment and definitely made communicating clearly with each other more important than ever. Also, we had to work on a time crunch and had to devise solutions in a clever and efficient manner. We could only focus on a implementing a few features. While working on the app, we had challenges setting up our local environments properly and had to get accustomed to using version control efficiently so that we could collaborate successfully on the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of creating this application in a complete virtual setting and successfully working with a version control system to achieve our goals. Furthermore, it has been so rewarding to see our application come to life! We truly believe this app is much needed and truly serves a useful purpose and has much potential in making a difference for the health care workers in developing areas.

What we learned

We learned a lot about UX/UI, mobile app development (None of us had used React Native before!) and the different tools needed to successfully launch one. Moreover, we also learned about how we can use XCode to create a virtual demo of the iOS app as we were developing it.

What's next for Healthline

We hope to launch our app on the app store and allow it to be used by actual health care workers. Furthermore, we would love to seek feedback and learn what these workers really like about the app and what are some things that could be changed to make the app better. Also, we want to make the login process more secure especially since the app is targeted for an international audience. Moreover, we want to also expand the backend database sect of the app to make sure our users’ credentials are secure and organized.

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