We've stayed at home for a long time. Safe, but isolated. We missed the good old days when we could travel around the world so we desperately searched for the "best travel destinations" on YouTube. Finally, we're now in the post-pandemic world. What could possibly stop us from conquering fresh territory?

What it does

HealthKey includes three core features:

  1. Explore: The map presents the attractions or stores that support HealthKey, meaning these places are safe to visit.
  2. HealthKey: A business owner could scan the authenticated QR code presented by the user to ensure the working space.
  3. Profile: A checklist for the user to identify the application status of HealthKey QR code.

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Who are we

Our team is balanced with a product manager, a UI designer, an app developer, and a backend engineer. We applied Scrum development method with a standup meeting per day. Even though we worked remotely, we showed efficient communication and proudly delivered the product.

How we built it

HealthKey is built with Android Jetpack and Google Maps API. We'll integrate Firebase for authentication.

Challenges we ran into

When we were thinking of showing the QR code to a business owner, we thought some may use other's phones to cheat the system. It's quite challenging to solve this problem without having an identity verification. Eventually, we came up with the idea of providing something that you wouldn't want to share your account or phone with other people. These may include analysis and insights based on your sensitive personal data like footprints and health status.

Finally, we want to give kudos to one of our teammates. Taking good care of a baby while working at home is a labor of love.

What are we proud of

We are proud of providing a solution for both tourists and business owners in this post-pandemic world. On the other hand, we are also proud of managing our spare time to work on the project. With tears and laughter, our efforts eventually bore fruit. 🥳

What have we learned

By working on this project, we've learned a lot when doing the research on the impact of the pandemic on tourism. We found it's not only the tourism but the society and even the world has changed. The pandemic has been affecting jobs and the food supply for many people and countries. We're glad and honored, by participating APEC App Challenge, we could make contributions to the world by applying what we've learned from this project.

What's next for HealthKey

  • Integration with Google Firebase
  • HealthKey partners
  • iOS Ver.
  • More happy travelers! 🎉


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