The main motivation behind the development of the e-doctor project is to give our healthcare community a platform where the process to undergo a health treatment will be fast and feasible.

What it does

It provides the healthcare community and patients to come together on a single platform so that the interaction between doctors and patients becomes fast and easy and at the same time helping the doctors to reach even those areas which are underdeveloped and the healthcare community is not much established. This will also reduce the cost to undergo a health operation and will give patients a chance to get prescriptions from the best doctors.

How we built it

The tech stacks I used were Javascript, CSS, Pug, NodeJs, MongoDB, and ExpressJs.The landing page includes a parallax effect which is designed to attract users when they land on the website. The page contains an icon the click on which takes us to Login Dashboard. The login Dashboard contains three input sections as name, id, and category so based upon the category submitted the user will land to their respective dashboard.

Staff Dashboard -->

The staff dashboard contains the section where the staff members can fill the form related to patient queries and on submission these queries will be forwarded to doctors. It also contains an option to go to the report collection page where the prescription reports of patients are collected(This prescription will be given by doctors through the doctor dashboard).

Doctor Dashboard-->

Doctor lands on the main page from where a doctor can go to three platforms. He can either chat with patients(developed using and webrtc), see the graph of patients, or go to the main dashboard. The doctor dashboard contains queries of patients and doctor can give their prescriptions easily and in a comfortable manner. The graph contains the number of patients visited, the disease they are suffering from, the time when a maximum number of patients admitted, the regions to which they belong, and many others criteria are also included.

Admin Dashboard --> Admin Dashboard contains all the details of staff and doctors logged in. It contains their names, id and whether they are doctors or staff members. There is also a cool animation running in the background.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges I faced were - 1) How can I integrate the webrtc and framework into the website. 2) How to store and retrieve data in a fast manner from MongoDB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When I completed this project it was a very proud moment for me as I made a product for the healthcare community which will reduce their tasks and the healthcare members will focus on the quality and productivity of the final product.

What we learned

There are some unique features in my website such as live video call functionality and to implement it I learned and webrtc and how can we relate them for our final product.


The healthcare community is large and new diseases and bacteria keep on attacking the world so my next task is to make this website as suitable as I can so that the community must not hesitate and continue their work irrespective of the knowledge of the outside world. I will also focus on the introduction of various security layers so that data authentication and privacy must be maintained.

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