The inspiration on healthInfo came on 15th March 2020 when our President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta declared the novel Coronavirus a pandemic in Kenya and locked down the schools

What it does

The healthInfo application provides news alerts, global statistics, preventive measures and general information relating to the CoronaVirus, mass awareness and pyscho social counselling through its Mental Wellness Center

How we built it

The application was built on the Android Framework and the genesis version was released on 26th March 2020

Challenges we ran into

  1. Funding to secure the servers
  2. Internet to run the application
  3. The application could not be pulished in the playstore since it wasn't from a government source

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have inculcated some features that have been integral to healthInfo's growth like mass awareness and news alert and the newly introduced Mental Wellness Center
  2. Currently, our userbase is over 500 people and growing
  3. Expanded our reach beyond the core usage of the application and innovated in the process
  4. We have been making our humble contribution in the fight against COVID19 since 26th March

What we learned

The journey is never easy but it is worth it

What's next for healthInfo

We aim to broaden our reach and become global going beyond Kenya while providing quality services to humanity and aiding the government to mitigate the spread and reach of COVID

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