Today’s lives offer a variety of entertainment. From the usage of technology to enhance our daily’s activities such as utilizing algorithm to personalize music playlist (Spotify, Pandora...) and search a song based on a segment of music's data (Shazam), to the involvement in machinery such as motion sensors and electronic/mechanical devices. Having the foundation's tools needed to innovate is important to our society's advancement in the future. It is important to realize that being able to live up to our expectations and keep a healthier living style are essential for our ability to innovate. With that, our vision is to enable customers to take control over their life.

What it does

Have you ever had tired days where you feel like there is so much stuff to do? School work, normal work, friends, relationship, so much that makes your head spin and confused on what the purpose of life is? This is what the app is for, literally, reminding you to be healthy. You put in what you want to schedule, you want breakfast? How long? What do you want to do after that? How about some hours for yourself? Set a time, put in your activity's hours in a logical way, and we will remind you for it. Another cool thing is, there will be a progress bar that tracks your "healthiness." If you miss it, you will get negative points, if you do it, you get points! And those apply for every activity that you put in!

How we built it

We use React, Nodes with semantic styling and html for this.

Challenges we ran into

React, Nodes are extremely popular in term of their extend-ability. Since this is our first time exploring these products, the learning curve was steep. A lot of it comes down to product's managing, merging everyone's ideas together and figure out the structure of our product. Another major problem comes down to sleeping/eating schedule too, when we are relaxed and comfortable, our minds are much more productive and we can accomplish a lot together. Last but not least would be the scope of the project, since we have so many ideas and only a short amount of time, we gradually scale down our structure and makes it something that is doable in a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were super proud that we can work together, spend time together and come up with ideas together. Not only do we agree on the ideas, implementing it was also fun since we asked each other a lot of questions about the functionality of each method. Even though it is not a complete product, we learned a lot!

What we learned

How react works, the syntax of different elements and how to connect those elements together. Most importantly, we learn how to collaborate with each other

What's next from this app?

Because of the nature of the hackathon. We are limited to a lot of things. What we thought of in the beginning was: functions that can let user's input their desired activity. The amount of time spent on each activity (in stats). Better algorithm to analyze what activity is more important. A reward system based on the activity user have done. A database system for user to keep track of their goals... Of course, a lot of ideas but limited time-frame.

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