Inspired by the triangle challenge that suggests a more efficient way to communicate between patients, clinicians, doctors, and hospital records. We want to find a way to use Google vision APIs to scan patients' information and automatically update medical history and clinic wait lists.

What it does

Uses APIs to scan documents such as OHIP and SIN cards in order to save patient information on a platform that also hosts hospital information, medical history of the patient (including hospital visits, prescriptions, etc.), and opportunities for doctors to manually update and add information on any patient in a place any other doctor can also access in the future when working with the patient in question.

How I built it

Splitting the work up into a web app and a database, we used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to design the web app and MySQL to create a database of patients (their personal and medical information) and hospitals. We also began using Git to combine the components but that wasn't seen to the end.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a way to transfer MySQL information to the web app was the most difficult part and the reason we couldn't finish in time. It also hindered our ability to begin the vision APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had a teammate who attended his first hackathon this weekend and he learned a lot about building web apps!!

What I learned

I learned how to use MySQL and how hard it is to use it with Node.JS (a mistake)

What's next for Healthie

Get that ish running

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