The number one thing that inspired us to create this project was that we noticed how much of a hassle medical documents are. We contemplated how convenient it would be to be in control of YOUR OWN personal information. Rather than ask for medical records, pay for someone to copy it and mail it, and wait two weeks to receive it, why not have immediate gratification?

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The idea is to integrate all of your medical records, transactions, appointment management, and what not to one place. This will be made possible through the use of BlockChain technology, and an ID card that will authenticate your account on the block chain. An ID with a Key and a server ID stored on it will be swiped at any medical professionals office to allow editing power by licensed doctors, and YOU will have 24/7 access to YOUR medical records. An important utility of this application is the use of a universal portal for patient/doctor that is transparent on both ends. Switch doctors will be made less stressful, there will be no more need for paper, paperwork will be obsolete at the doctor's office since

The future of HealthHub is extra implementation of other personal information onto the website. While swiping the card at the doctor's office you will be prompted to enter your medical password. Along with the card you are required to enter your pin number.

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