We wanted to create an AI chat bot to help minimize barriers to healthcare for immigrants that do not speak English and who are limited to the amount of healthcare they are provided. Each member on the team derives from an immigrant family with parents that sought better opportunities with the lack of supplies, so we have decided that creating something that helped minimize the migrated struggle and challenges would be our best approach.

What it does

HealthHelp is ran through the command line, and you have the option to pick between four languages; English, Spanish, French and Tagalog. You enter the language ID of the language you want to use, and ask the chatbot your question. As of right now, you can ask the chatbot two questions. The first question you can ask the chatbot is "Clinics near me" and it will link you to clinics that are near you. Another question you can ask the chatbot, is "What are my rights" and it will link you to a website that tells you your rights.

How we built it

We used Amazon Lex to generate a chatbot, the google translate API for the translation capabilities, and python to code the command line chatbot.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we faced were finding what direct issues immigrants ran into when finding healthcare. We asked multiple people what they thought were issues that immigrants might face, and how we could solve them.(Optum) Another challenge we ran into was finding where to start to code this project and the APIs we wanted to feature within the code. We had to do a lot of trial and errors until we got to our final product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how our chatbot turned out, because when we started, we had no idea how to code an AI chatbot or how to incorporate translation capabilities. We are also proud of finding an alternative to access healthcare without too much of a hassle for immigrants already living a stressful life.

What we learned

How to code an AI chatbot and how to incorporate translation capabilities, while managing a team and brainstorming ideas.

What's next for HealthHelp

Move from command line and into a developed website, that includes cheap insurances and alternatives for immigrants without the stress. Also include steps to go forth citizenship and a database that transfers documents from overseas to USA doctors and hospitals for records.

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