A website for easing clinical communication between people and doctors without actually visiting the hospital.


The objective is to cut short the distance between hospitals and patients and to build a complete one-stop solution for all healthcare consultancy needs. Other than Covid-19, people might tend to get affected by other diseases as well. Hence it is really risky to visit hospitals during this pandemic. As a result it has been challenging even for the doctors and other professionals with clinical expertise to treat patients physically. HealthHealer is a platform that connects people with doctors/health workers and provides them with medical assistance without actually visiting the hospitals.


We aim to connect with small clinics, hospital groups, Labs and various treatment cenrtres with patients. Allowing all these entities to access patient data with patient's consent thus allowing them for better diagnosis, also providing various services to patients at same time.

Features Built

  1. Users: * General User (Patient): Student, Staff * Administrative User: Doctor, Pharmacist, Store Officer, Medicine Distributor.
  2. Registration Form: User can register as a service seeker/ provider and create an account.
  3. Appointment Booking:The patient can book an appointment with the registered doctors and eradicate the issue of waiting in long queues.
  4. Upload/Get Reports or Certificates:Patients would be able to upload their reports and other relevant documents so that specialists could access and analyse them. They can download their verified medical certificate directly from the website.
  5. Add to Calender: Patients can set reminders for their next consultation/vaccine/appointment.
  6. Awareness section: Bulletin/banner page for spreading awareness about precautions,symptoms,etc.
  7. Feedback form: To analyse any problems or queries faced by the user.


  1. Consulting the doctors through the platform-The patient can connect with a medical expert and based upon the interaction(symptoms and signs), the expert can suggest if the patient needs to visit the hospital or not. (During times of COVID, you need not budge in directly to the hospital. One can use website to confirm from a medical professional, and then visit the hospital if needed; to overcome crowdiness and chaos in the hospital during the pandemic). 2 Maintaining patient's record: Maintaining patients diagnosis details, advised tests to be done. Maintaining patient’s prescription, medicine, medication instructions, precautions and diet advice details.
  2. Book appointments with doctors with registered doctors/medical tests at diagnostic centers- Time is the most important asset. Seeing a doctor or visiting a diagnostic center generally is a time taking process. But, with this feature, we ensure that you don’t have to stand in long queues and wait for hours in the doctor’s clinic and diagnostic center.
  3. Providing regular medicine/vaccination reminders- Patients no longer need to remember the complex schedules at which a particular medicine/vaccine needs to be taken, as we will be taking care of that responsibility. The user just need to tell us the disease and we will be suggesting the doses accordingly.
  4. Get/Upload your reports- Connect with nearby diagonstic centres and get the results directly uploaded on the site. Medical experts can access the reports when permission is given. Students generally have to present a medical certificate for any ill leaves they take and have to visit the doctor to get it done. With our application, they can request a certificate from the comfort of their homes with a verifiable authenticity.
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