One day during the summer, I visited a pharmacy for my sister's medications. We spent more than 20-25 minutes waiting for the medicines which got me to notice that the pharmacist spent most of his time typing in the details into the computer from the prescription.

What it does

My hack helps employee's work be more faster and efficient by automating the process of transferring details from the prescription to the machine. The hack requires a scan copy of the prescriptions which converts all the details in the prescription into a csv file and txt file. Moreover, there is also another program in the hack which allows the pharmacist to use the patients information in the excel to be automatically filled into their form in the system. Lastly, patients can also be notified about their medications and important other details

How I built it

I used UiPath to create my hack. I used Abby OCR [Optical Character Recognition] engine to read and convert the data present in prescription to csv and txt file. I used multiple of UiPath's activities and programs to automate the entire process. Moreover, I used web automation techniques to fill in all the details of a dummy form that transfers data of 10 dummy patients.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge I ran to was to merge and format the contents of the prescription according to the my requirements as each prescription had different content and sizes of the details of the medication. Another challenge I ran into was making the robot fill in the details into the form. The robot would fill in the form when I ran the robot the first time and wouldn't do the same again when I ran it again.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The major accomplishment I am proud of is how I could use a powerful software like UiPath to automate something simple yet a very important problem in our day to day life to make it more accurate and error free. Moreover, I feel very accomplished being able to work and know about OCR engines and being able to implement Abby OCR into my program.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about automation techniques and different ways to approach my problems and tackle them. I am glade to learn and work around with OCR which is one of the most powerful engines I have come across. To be able to understand its endless possibilities and applications was really amazing to know.

What's next for HealthHack

I think there are is always room for perfection and more complexities to the hack I made. I would be love to work on them after HackNC and explore different areas and horizons. I would take feedback from different people in order to improve my hack

Built With

  • uipath
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