The application is based on Kirill Kireyev's education search platform InstaGrok. We've taken that technology and applied it to health.

Patients and their caretakers are increasingly taking their health research into their own hands, using the Internet to find information. According to a Pew study, as of September 2012, 72% of US adults have looked for health information online.

HealthGrok takes the hard work and pain out of the health and medical information search for you. We’ve developed an intelligent aggregator of health and medical news that gathers the best information for you. Then we simply send you emails based on your specific health condition. With likes and shares, HealthGrok increasingly dials in the information you get, hopefully helping you eventually regain your health over time.

You’ll also be a part of your own solution by clicking a like button in the email or online for a particular piece of information that really helped you. You can share it with friends and help them solve their health challenges. This then helps increase the quality of the information for everyone involved so it’s part of the bigger solution of solving more health challenges for the masses.

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