Getting access to covid information and also health-related information is challenging to people. Providing all the necessary minimum requirements in a single app is what people need

What it does

Providing the access of all necessities around health care to communities at one single mobile application. This allows users to get know about all covid guide, vaccine information, testing sites, Health care provider information, and emergency contact information

How we built it

When the user logins into the application we provide all the necessary options required for the user to gather information required such as testing centers near you, vaccine centers search, health care provider search based on location, and also category using health care locator SDK

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the health care locator SDK into the android application to get access to all health care providers is challenging. Along with that gathering, all the necessary information and APIs for guides and testing centers is quite challenging. Improving the speed of application to provide necessary minimum requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that I am proud of in this application has overcome all challenges especially integrating the healthlocator SDK i quite challenging in the android development

What we learned

As it is my first hackathon i learned many objectives to achieve in less time and learn more about different API usages inside the application.

What's next for HealthGrab

1.Improving application with providing chart information based on the symptoms of user

  1. Tracking the user-health records and maintain them.
  2. Providing the suggestion of provider based on the health records

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