Finding good healthcare/insurance nowadays is really hard. Living a good and healthy life is really expensive and we wanted to help people out and help them find better options!

What it does

We created the website called Healthfee to assist users in finding affordable, quality hospitals, care providers, and pharmacies. It’s often difficult for people to receive healthcare that is easy on their budgets and adequately assists or supports them. Health Fee is a website with a simple design and easy-to-understand functions that allow users to locate hospitals and pharmacies near them as well as see what other users say about facilities close to them.

How we built it

Health Fee was prototyped using Figma and coded using HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MYSQL/Google Maps API/and a little bit of JQuery. HTML/CSS/JS was for the frontend while PHP/MYSQL/JS/JQuery was for the backend, Google Maps API helped us produce a map to show all the closest hospital locations.

Challenges we ran into

Some hardships we encountered while creating Health Fee were trying to get JSON data into a php array so we can add it to the MYSQL database, another one was trying to access the google maps APIs since no one was willing to add their credit card info. We were able to overcome these difficulties with patience and good sportsmanship/teamwork.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of everything we have done in the past 40 or so hours.

What we learned

Our team members learned alot of new things, overall we just learned that PHP is sometimes not compatible with other languages and that Node.JS/JS are great alternates to PHP if we needed to change up our backend.

What's next for Healthfee

If we plan on making Healthfee a public website, First thing we would do is probably get a more improved database like mongobd to prevent attackers from stealing account data.

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