We wanted to empathize with members of our community that had not been addressed. Members of our community that are burdened with challenges that make them incapable of independence. For example, the elderly, those with brain disorders and those that are physically handicapped.

What it does

HelpFall app detects sudden change in acceleration which is suggestive of a person collapsing to the ground. The App recognizes this and alerts personal caregivers and nearby medical facilities immediately.

How we built it

We developed it on iOS with some backend code on the cloud. We integrated essential frameworks to achieve the desired features namely, CoreMotion, CoreLocation Twilio & Parse. We programmed our app in Swift 2 (on XCode), NodeJS (on the cloud) and designed it with sketch. Github was used extensively to collaborate on the project.

Challenges we ran into

1- Brainstorming an idea that we believe to impart positive change in the world while also taking into account empathy, which we believe to be the pillar for success. 2-Some of our members were unfamiliar with certain technologies and design patterns 3- It took us about 4 hours to debug an issue on the cloud caused by the Twilio API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1- Being able to seamlessly implement a backend on the cloud 2- Achieving most of our planned implementation and completing the application for the most part 3- Making use of technologies we were unfamiliar to prior to this hackathon. 4- Being able to collaborate with such talented individuals and making lifelong connections 5- Going without sleep for 24+ hours

What we learned

1-Github 2-Bash Commands 3-Brainstorming 4-Working with a team 5-Meeting deadlines 6-Handling extremely stressful and competitive situations

What's next for HealthFall App

Our journey for HelpFall has just begun. We plan on collaborating after this DeltaHacks II and honing this project into something that has potential to make waves and reach millions of hearts across the world.

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