HealthEasy is a mobile app made to help everyone get what they are entitled to. As the name suggests health is our main concern. Our app helps people keep track on all their doctor appointments, but this app – it’s not only a reminder. It show you what new appointments are recommended for you based on your age and gender (in the future we plan to implement many more criteria). It also remembers your last visit and reminds you your next appointment via push notifications.


Just recently we found out that we have not been visiting doctors as often as recommended and we think that many people haven’t been too. We tried to solve this problem with our app, so that everyone can stay healthy easily.


We created this app using Flutter. As none of us has ever worked in mobile development field or has any experience with this technology, it was a great challenge for us. But after a while we got used to it, and felt pretty comfortable developing using Flutter and think that this app proves exactly that.

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