Unlocking the full potential for health data in the world whilst enabling rightful ownership and remuneration of that data.

What it does

This decentualized and comprehensively encrypted market place gaurenteed the safety and privacy of both parties making the health data transaction. We keep all the data on this market place anonymouse. By leveraging the smart contract on Ethereum, this market place will match the transactions posted on the platform smartly.

We are building the Amazon of health data that offers blockchain enterprise solutions catering to the unique requirements of health blockchain companies. These include decentralised storage and data processing, sustainable data monetisation and encrypted data analysis.

How we built it

  • Application Layer:
    • We use the Python flask and HTML/CSS/JS to build the webpage and the user interface. Users can register their account the sell and buy health data in this market place just like common market places.
  • Platform Layer (Smart Contract):
    • We use smart contract to decentralizing the platform so nobody can manipulate the data and transaction. We use IPFS to store data, in a detributed manner powered by HLDT. Which guarantees users to control and manage their own data in all time.
  • Tools:
    • In this project we implemented several machine learning and cryptographic tools that are in the frontier of these fields.
      • Homomorphic encryption: Enable the numeircal processing with encrypted data.
      • Machine Learning / AI: Federated Learning: Similar to incremental learning, but it keeps the training data in local devices of the market place users, which optimizes the privacy and secure level our market place.

Challenges we ran into

  • The homomorphic encryption didn't fit into the IPFS-Go we chose at first, but we solved this issue at the end.
  • Trying to combining the Python-Flask into our front end takes some practice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made the market place a working system that can work on the platform of Ethereum smart contract.
  • We successfully using the homomorphic encryption guaranteed the safety and privacy of health data, which can be applied to any other data.

What we learned

  • Integrating our market place to blockchain with smart contract needs tuning each part of our model.
  • The power of Homomorphic encryption is very powerful in encrypted data.

What's next for Healthdex

  • We will polish our applciation and platform layer and start to talk with health institutions and getting our first ground of target users.
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