Hospitals are finding an uprising level of admitted university students that are battling with mental health illnesses, yet do not have any sort of communication with their according universities. A lack of communication between the institutions can cause a detrimental impact on students which can easily be prevented with HealthConnect.

What it does

HealthConnect is a web page that allows each network (Hospital, University, Student) to have their own portal with specific functions catered to them. The main objective is for the hospital staff to post basic data of their patients who have been admitted to the ER and for the university staff to figure out what they can do to help accommodate the students aftercare needs, as well as send it to staff who have relations to the students. The students are also able to update and keep track of their own status on their portal.

How we built it

HealthConnect platform is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Sheety for scripting databases.

Challenges we ran into

The main problem that we faced was how to transfer data from backend to frontend so that is the database is visible for everyone. We faced privacy and security concerns such as protecting student's private medical information when using HealthConnect. On top of that, we also encountered various technical challenges such as integrating the database between universities and hospitals so that the relevant data updated can be seen by each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest accomplishment is the project itself. Despite only having 24 hours to complete this, we are extremely proud of ourselves for our innovative solution that could possibly revolutionize how large institutions such as universities and hospitals can communicate with each other. Given this, the final product was extraordinary in terms of design, backend functions as well as presentation.

What we learned

Throughout this project, we learned a variety of things from the business, developmental and design side. However, one thing did stick out and it was when we discovered a website (Sheety) that allowed us to transfer data from Google Sheets into an API. This contributed significantly to our progress and success as it made the construction of our website a lot easier.

What's next for HealthConnect

The next step for HealthConnect is to not only target mental health issues but target illnesses caused by viruses as well as physical injuries. Additionally, the functions that HealthConnect provides can eliminate the requirement of a doctor's note from students as hospitals can just log information into the website for university staff to see. This method allows information to travel between parties at a faster rate and it is more accurate as well.

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