Help contribute to healthy aging in an infective and innovative way by using a cloud platform and blockchain.

What it does

HealthCloud, being a Quantified Self Database, will function as an umbrella Portal for all IoT device enabling platforms. Data information coming from Clouds such as Fitbit and Apple I-health will be managed and encrypted for distribution through Blockchain to physicians and other parties that has been granted access to the information.

How we built it

Magic and love!

Challenges we ran into

Not enough programmers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finalized an idea while working as a thight team.

What we learned

We did not win the first price but we won something far greater than that! By the end of the Hackathon a group walked up towards us and started talking. One of their members priced us. She said:"I have not seen a team working so well together. Your team had such a harmonious way of working with one and another. Knowing individually exactly what to do while having fun together." We take that compliment with us, as we felt the exact same thing.

What's next for HealthCloud

As for the project, it isn't over for us just yet! With the approach to the right people, we believe that HealthCloud could be a success!

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