Founder and CEO, Chris Chowquan, is an IT veteran, who has spent much of his career managing technology for healthcare payers. After many years of interfacing with physicians and patients he saw the need for a simpler, more efficient communications solution. As a father and full-time employee who has to take time for doctor visits, he figured there must be a better way.

Healthchat is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” innovations that lets doctors, patients, and medical staff communicate easily and securely through short videos. Using an elegantly simple app that works on iPhones and Android-enabled devices, patients can record a video message and send it to their healthcare providers, who can review and respond at their convenience.

The program also offers providers – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, etc. – with a fast, easy, and secure (HIPAA compliant) method of communication to encourage collaboration and avoid medical errors.

Healthchat derives its revenue from highly-affordable monthly subscription fees – less than $100 – paid by providers for the use of the software. These providers can add as many support staff as they wish to their subscription, making the technology even more affordable at the practice level. Patients can download and use the software for free, thereby expanding utilization at the consumer level.

Healthchat’s developers patented certain aspects of the software that make it particularly appealing to physician customers. Armed with this novel intellectual property, Healthchat has the potential to attract hundreds of thousands of customers to a “sticky” product with a recurring revenue stream.

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