Our inspiration was a medical paper one of our teammates gave us that outlined the importance of digitizing healthcare infrastructure. We realized the risk of patient's confidential healthcare documents and files being leaked and stored in an unsecured location and wanted to change that.

What it does

The goal for HealthChain is to provide a safe and practical way for healthcare professionals to upload their patients documents and files on the blockchain. Thus, all patients healthcare files will be in good hands and won't be at a risk of being leaked, damaged or lost.

How we built it

We built all of HealthChain using JavaScript where we primarily focused on the frontend while also focusing on uploading files to the IPFS blockchain so that it is secure.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenge we ran into was trying to figure out what we wanted to make in the first place. Alongside that, we had a lot of difficulty trying to figure out VerbWire as there is rather poor documentation, as well as trying to connect the frontend and backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of our frontend development, as the website has a very simplistic and clean look thanks to our teams very strong frontend development talent. Additionally, our backend was able to push through numerous challenges all the while learning new technologies to create a functional way to upload files to the IPFS.

What we learned

We learned to spend less time figuring out what we wanted to make in the first place, as well as to better communicate with one another what we each required individually. This includes just realizing its better if we all commit to one poor idea instead of none of us following through on a good idea, and to tell each other beforehand if we were missing technological hardware that was vital to the success of our hackathon.

What's next for HealthChain

Our next goals is to add more encryption to our projects so that they will be even more secure, as well as to setup a database so users will be able to create their accounts and login successfully. So far, we could get a file uploaded to ipfs and display it as a link to access it, we want to improve that and the front-end.

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