Most hospitals don't have an integrated simple, secure and reliable remote consultations tool

Since beginning of the covid crisis, everyone agrees: Remote healthcare is a must have.

There are many remote consultation tools on the market (Qare, ConsuLib, Docavenue, MesDocteurs, Doctolib,,, yet none of them offers a solution geared at hospitals.

They do not have the objective to be managed on an institutional level and to be managed with single sign as it would be the case of other professional software.

These solutions are not meant to be integrated with the internal services and enhanced with in-house plugins. None has the ability to organise queues on a call in from patients.

They are simply not aiming at enabling collaboration between specialities or offering interaction between nurses, translators, doctors and patients.

Our solutions was designed by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers

Healthcare Worker At Home is a standalone solution secure and simple remote consultation solution equiped with all connectors to interact with internal systems and being effectively managed by larger structures.

Designed with security in mind, video consultations are fully secured using peer-to-peer in priority whenever possible, our solution has been validated and fully audited by the Geneva University hospital.

We are 100% web based and can be fully integrated within another tool thus avoid wasting precious time and energy repeating operations several times.

What makes us unique?

1- Interoperability We are web based so universally compatible so we can be implemented inside another tool. Also, with our connectors, we can integrate with any application which enables to automate processes performed by other tools such as : A) User account management B) Entry form creation C) Invoicing D) Planning next consultation

2- Secure From a data security point of view, our system will anonymise all data right after end of the consultation. If configured, the data will be pushed to an internal system of the client. With secure encryption on calls and peer-to-peer, our system is fully GDPR compliant and fully encrypted. Data retention can be fully adapted to the local laws of the client, being also capable to function in peer-to-peer mode with no data going onto our servers when the solution is hosted.

3- User friendliness With a satisfaction rate of over 85% for both pracitionners and patients, our product speaks for itself. Despite no advertising and marketing we currently have over 1000 doctors on our platform making remote consultations daily.

During the hackathon

We have an amazing product that had no marketing. While the press has been talking about us, we have been busy answering the needs of healthcare workers during the start of the crisis in Switzerland.

During this hackathon, we took the time of this hackathon to prepare some marketing and communication about our great product.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Our solution is based on devOPS principles to permit agile deployment of the solution. During this crisis, we can in a matter of days, provide hospitals free of charge (except for support if needed) with the ability to deploy large scale remote consultations that are secure, reliable and easy to use for all their departments.

Healthcare worker at home supports load balancing and can face high demand in the context of a crisis.

What do we need to continue

On our tasks list Our tool still lacks translations it into different languages for its interfaces, usage tutorials and installation guides in the different European languages.

What we need We have a great product that speaks for itself. We need the visibiltiy so can we can help hospitals and healthcare workers to perform their remote consultations efficiently during the crisis.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

The need for remote consultations is higher during this crisis but it will not dissapear after the crisis. All healthcare providers will be in need for a solution like ours that can provide simple, reliable and secure remote consultations that can be fully integrated within their ecosystem of applications and services.

URL to our prototype (website created during hackathon) (functional for geneva university hospital ~1000 users) (functional for Geneva doctor association ~300 users)

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