More than 10 million American's lost their jobs due to Coronavirus and there are so many who can't afford insurance! People who need to go to regular consultation are scared to go to the hospital. We felt a need to find a way to solve this problem.

What it does

Our solution is an Online Hospital that offers consultation through a video call from best in class doctors based on your symptoms at the safety of your home which includes,

  • Health status by connectivity to your Fitbit and iOS devices
  • Provides you Mental Health tips
  • Enables you to donate to COVID 19 response fund
  • You will instantly connect to a doctor through a video call if you have Corona like symptoms
  • Apply for a free health insurance

How I built it

Using Oracle Autonomous Database, Analytics Cloud, APEX, Digital Assistant, Object Storage, Google APIs, Fitbit, and iOS Health

Challenges I ran into Designing the solution:

Coming up with a simplified solution to improve the user experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Coming up with a solution that helps every individual to have access to certified doctors irrespective of their insurance status and instantly respond to those in need.
  • Even doctors with health complications and Veteran doctors who would like to help can contribute by providing consultations.
  • Building a fully integrated solution where a patient can interact with a chatbot in the most natural and conversational way.

What I learned

Build a solution to make a difference!

What's next for HealthCareChatbot

Integrating it with WHO data and analyzing the data to notify people based on their health status by continuously monitoring their health through historic and real-time data.

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