Team: Healthcare team 7


Face the threat of external cyberattacks, and unsure of the stability of internal cybersecurity Unable to record and track health data between several different facility systems timely and precisely Dealing with patients who are uncertain of or untrustworthy of the security of their health records


One integration Link patient and provider that solve the security of health records and important internal data Link patient and insurance, pharmacy, and research institutions that ensure an efficient system for bills, medications, and disease research Integrates with current process and panels and meets regulations and requirements

Market Size

Our target market is at-risk patients, then expand to the total US population.


Generis, Better Help, My Sugar

Business Model

​B2C, Monthly subscription; Blockchain-enabled, service​ Healthcare Industry​; Partnerships with health tracking apps

Marketing and Sales

$0.99/month subscription; Whole family plan or individual Sponsorship from Fitbit; Target at risk patients

Progress to Date

Jul-Sep, roll out marketing phase 1, target goal of 1000 customers Oct-Nov, roll out marketing phase 2, target goal of 10,000 customers Dec-Jan, target goal of 1 million customers, expect to receive $10890 sales Future Milestones Feb 2022, target goal of 5 million customers, and secure more partnerships


The inspiration for this project came from surveying current use-cases for blockchain technology in the healthcare space. We noticed the potential for blockchain to revolutionize healthcare data accessibility and security.

What it does

AllCare is a service that will act as a one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs. Your PCP can monitor health data collected from your smartwatch, your pharmacist can access prescription information, and you will have access to all of your health data through a dashboard available to you from anywhere. All of this data will be kept completely secure utilizing the inherent security measures of blockchain technology.

How we built it

Our service is built as what's known as a dApp, or decentralized application. Using the existing Ethereum blockchain, we can build out a solution that revolutionizes the healthcare industry. This is accomplished using a Smart Contract, a block of code that dictates how data interacts with the Ethereum blockchain. With your data living on the blockchain and its access and use dictated by Smart Contracts, you can rest assured that your data is both safe and available at a moment's notice.

Challenges we ran into

Constructing an entire dApp from scratch with no prior experience on our team is not easy. We were able to build out some of the underlying code for what our end-product would look like, but for now what we have is a high fidelity prototype that will give you a taste of what the future of healthcare might look like with your support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have worked together to create such an interesting and revolutionary project. The scope and scale of this idea is really something special.

What we learned

At the beginning of this project, most of us had never heard of a blockchain before, and now we have a fairly comprehensive understanding of its potential uses in healthcare and how talented software engineers can revolutionize major industries through the application of blockchain technologies.

What's next for Healthcare Team 7

With sufficient financial support and time, we believe that this idea could genuinely help millions of people receive better, more comprehensive healthcare. If we had funding for blockchain developers of sufficient expertise, we could see our product in use in the not-so-distant future.

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