• Difficult for doctors to keep track of patients scattered globally
  • Time-Consuming for patients to search for doctors of their choice
  • Need of an application to enable the doctors and the patients to perform all the healthcare-related actions in one place(especially as we are moving towards a decentralized healthcare ecosystem)

What it does

  • Visualize Patients: Locate all of your patients globally at a single place!
  • Message Patients: Send messages to any of your patients in a click!
  • View Patient Info: Get all of your patient information on a single page!
  • Book Appointments: Arrange an appointment with the doctor anytime!
  • Search Doctors: Find the doctor of your choice internationally!

How I built it

  • React JS: FrontEnd Development
  • Material UI: Material Design Components
  • HERE Maps API: Address Geocoding and Rendering Map
  • DrChrono API: Healthcare services to doctors and patients

Challenges I ran into

  • CORS issue

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Built my first application using DrChrono
  • Discovered the large collection of APIs provided by DrChrono

What I learned

  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • Geocoding Addresses on a Map
  • Integrating DrChrono's APIs with an application
  • Bypassing the CORS issue(although a separate CORS plugin might be required for local testing, minor fix available in the PR)

What's next for Healthcare Management System

  • Add missing API calls to theBook Appointment section
  • Enable adding attachments option in Message Patient section
  • Incrementally integrate other major functionalities like billing on the website
  • Optimize Codebase

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