The listed challenges provided good goals to work on. Plus, zombie movies and books.

What it does

Let's you know if there is an outbreak in your area (based on CDC data), so you can run and hide!

Queries for United States localized information regarding disease outbreaks.

How we built it

Initially split the project into three sections, front end, back end, and data acquisition. Each team member focused on a single area, and then began assisting other teammates after completing their section.

Challenges we ran into

The CDC website is designed is in an interesting way.

Tried using various techniques to get data from the CDC website, and it took a while to get exactly what we needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting something to work!

What we learned

A lot! Learning through official tutorials helps make sure you aren't using deprecated functions/code, too.

What's next for Healthcare Hide-Out

Adding more countries.

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