• Few days back, one of my friends needed a huge sum of money, for the treatment of his mother. However, in the normal scenario, it became very difficult for him to raise that sum of money, because it becomes very difficult to make people believe that the money is being raised for an actual medical cause and is not a false campaign. Hence, not many people come forward to contribute, due to lack of trust in the current system.

  • That incident made me think of the necessity of having a platform which users can trust, and can freely come forward and contribute money to. Because someone's life or death should not be decided just because a person fell short of some money.

What it does

  • So, this web application lets a user create a fund raising campaign, to raise money for medical treatments.

  • It also has checks, so that false fund raisers are unable to sustain on this platform, and only the needy users are able to leverage the benefits of this platform.

  • First a user (say X) creates a campaign, which is made public to all the viewers to read the description of the medical necessity, and contribute to it accordingly.

  • After that, whenever the fund raiser (X) needs to spend the money somewhere, he/she will have to give a detailed explanation of how and where is he/she planning to spend the amount.

  • After X has created a spending request, all the contributors to this campaign have an option of approving or rejecting the campaign. If the request has been approved by majority if the contributors, only then can X transfer the money (ether in the case of our project), to some other account.

How we built it

-In order to build the platform, we used the solidity programming language. We created the desired contract, and then deployed our project to Rinkeby test network, to test its efficiency while put into use.

Challenges we ran into

  • Our project basically has 2 parts, part 1 is the ethereum backend, which is used to create and manage the fund raising campaigns(contracts); part 2 is the front end of our application, which renders all the fetched information onto the screen. Part 1 was not that difficult as there were a quite a lot of documentations, referring to which, made the tasks easier.

  • However, main difficulty arose, while we were trying to provide an attractive UI to our application, by connecting it using the react framework. For this part, we did not get that much resources online, and hence it took a larger part of the total efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It was very satisfying to see our web application solve the problem, which we had thought of solving . Apart from that we made several users test our mobile application, and most of them responded positively to the overall idea of our application. These accomplishments really made us proud.

What we learned

  • First and foremost, we learned about how can we use the block chain technology to solve a real world problem.

  • Going into the depth of it, we learned about creating contracts, deploying contracts to the Rinkeby network, and how effectively the block chain technology works, when put to use.

What's next for Healthcare Funds Raiser

  • Next, I am working on giving the web app a more efficient frontend, so that user creation of an Ethereum account, and use of this platform becomes a cakewalk for them.

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