Last week I submitted a "smart city OS" I made for my city to a hackathon, and it needed some healthcare features, so I added telehealth, hospital pre-check-in, and prescription delivery features to the app.

What it does

A pre-check-in feature, something I know the local hospital wants, after serving for 5 years on the Board of Incorporators, let's patients notify the hospital of their arrival without a phone calls. A telehealth feature connects users with the respective Doctors office, for appointment scheduling, and the RX delivery feature allows users to request their prescriptions be delivered.

How I built it

Basic HTML and JS mostly. I wanted to use more of the API but didn't get started til the last day of the hackathon.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Waves is a bit more-complete, and I can take it to the Hospital Board and Dr. offices to get feedback and find out what features they'd want, see if they'd be willing to try telehealthcare visits. I've been wanting to start a delivery service, and the RX request feature is a simple way to get that ball rolling.

What I learned

Learned healthcare backend scheduling doesn't have to be built from scratch, which is nice because I've always been put off by the HIPPA requirements

What's next for Healthcare features module for "Waves" smart city OS.

I need to setup meetings with local healthcare providers and see what it will take to get buy in on a unified system like this. Then I need to finish the Ionic app and finish configuring nginx to host the app content within the community.

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