Healthcare is expensive. So expensive that it can be cheap to travel to another country and have a vacation. To help with this hassle of organizing trips we built Healthcair.

What it does

Healthcair is an all in one solution for setting up your next expensive, medical procedure. Be it replacing your grandmother's hip, having laser eye surgery, or even getting braces, you can plan it here. Healthcair will optimize your flights and hotel stays, and give you the best quotes for your procedure.

How we built it

Healthcair is built with a React front-end and a back-end hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. The end result is serverless, using App Engine and GCP Cloud Functions to process queries. By leveraging standardized JSON calls Healthcair has both a web interface and a work-in-progress React Native app.

Challenges we ran into

Getting healthcare costs is extremely difficult in the US, so we allowed the end user to input their insurer's quote to compare against the rest of the world's. Getting quotes from EU Members is quite easy, allowing for us to provide a cheaper service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the overall UI/UX considering the time crunch we were under and the fact that the whole application is serverless.

What we learned

Everyone learned a lot, pushing our boundaries. Fisher learned React and how complicated healthcare quotes are. Mohammed learned Python in the last 24 hours. Sam learned how to use GCP, architecting the back-end services.

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