Seeing so many people suffer from the global pandemic, we think that it is our duty as technology-geeks to make our contribution to healthcare to lower the number of people suffering from the current poor healthcare system. Our app does almost everything that takes place between a doctor and a patient. Not limiting to that, it's capabilities are far more beyond that. Currently, it might not be the best thing to look at but with time, everyone can be assured of it's greatness. We built it by starting with the backend code for a virtual doctor that assess your problem and can guide you to a possible solution. This was based on Machine-Learning. Next, we added more features using machine learning and blockchain too! Finally, all of these things were integrated into an app created using flutter and android native. Python scripts were run in the app using chaquopy. Also, we created a website but it's not fully developed. Although the prototype is ready. The main challenge we faced was how to incorporate python written machine-learning scripts in an android application without using API's, we found chaquopy for that. But later anyhow we called all the functions using APIs as we found TensorFlow's JS version. We are really proud that we created a fully-fledged app and got to learn many new skills. We learned new technologies such as Blockchain, TensorflowJS, Flutter, etc. Next, we are aiming to scale it up and Launch our app at the national level!

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