HealthBuddy - Lifestyle app

Health tracking apps are great for helping you meet your goals by tracking your nutrients, exercise, and sleep habits. However, many people abandon them because it's just plain annoying to have to enter data manually every time.

With Health Buddy, keeping track is as easy as saying "hi" - just open the app and say:

--- "I just ran 20 minutes" --- "I just ate an apple"

Health Buddy's, innovative voice technology, allows you to input data in no time, with no hassle.

The app categorizes the data inputted, into 4 lists. (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Health), in order to pinpoint and provide general correlations to help determine the factors having a negative impact on your health.

It allows you to easily access the information in the form of lists and graphs so that; your time is not wasted.

The Health Buddy app is perfect for those on the go, who want to track and improve their health because it’s not an interruption to your day, but rather a perfectly integrated part of your everyday life.

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